Finding My Medium

If you have been following my Instastory adventures, you may have noticed that I have been sporting a new gorgeous piece of arm candy aka my new watch. I have not always been the biggest watch wearer but my style has been evolving. I find myself shying away from big statement pieces and reaching for more clean and minimalist accessories, like my Debut Black with Gold Mesh Medium Watch.  


All their watches are beautiful but I decided on this over The Peak because the Miyota 2 Hand Movement is visually more glam to me than the 3 Hand Movement and the product description resonated with my purpose as a content creator.

“We designed the Debut to fit who you are and how you weave through this thing called life… consider The Debut your new vehicle for self-expression.”

I don’t see myself purchasing another watch because I’m trying to adapt to this blogger minimalist life. But in the event that I was, I would have to ask myself these 3 questions that Medium has answered successfully.


Will it go with every outfit? I appreciate the flexibility of Medium watches without even having to change the straps. The design of this watch is the perfect medium no matter if I’m headed to the office for work, in sweats running errands, or dressed up going to an event. The fact that you can also change your straps is a major bonus.

Will the glass scratch or nah?  This is so important to me because as mentioned before, I only have one other watch. I have had that watch for a few years and boy does she look like it. From a distance she shines in all her gold glory but when you see her up close and personal her flaws are clear as day. I haven’t owned my Medium watch as long but I trust that since the watch glass is made of Sapphire Crystal, I won’t have to worry.  On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, 10 being the highest resistance, Sapphire Crystal ranks 9 making it highly scratch resistant.

Where are they from? Medium is local to me, national to Canada, and comparable to all the other luxury watch brands in the world. 

For $$ off your next Medium Watches purchase use "tanishacherry25". 

Love you leave you 🍒