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My 2 Day Better Juice Cleanse

My Juice cleanse is over with. If you’ve been following along with Insta Stories this past Thursday and Friday,  you’ll know I did a 2-day juice cleanse sponsored by Better Juice. This is my second juice cleanse ever, except with my first cold pressed juice cleanse it was 3 days. For those of you who think you could never do one. In the words of Ben Franklin ", you can do anything you set your mind to”.  I juice cleanse to help jump start my fitness goals by weaning myself off all my bad food habit and for a complete mental reset. We are all creatures of habits and in order to create new ones, you have to change your frame of mind. 

The last time I did a juice cleanse I was already 2 weeks into my vegan plant-based diet. Therefore I was working out regularly, drinking lots of water, not consuming alcohol, and eating lots of veggies. I was in the best frame of mind well on my way of creating new habits. Initially, I thought I hadn’t eased into the cleanse but I pretty much did without knowing it. As a result, I didn’t have any negative side effects.


This time around my first day was a bit tougher. Day 1 consisted of me being super gassy, poopy, and experiencing headaches. TMI I know but I have to keep it real with you guys. My diet is not as great as it was last January and all these side effects confirmed that. When I got home from work,  I drank a lot of water and went straight to bed at 8 pm. It was the only way I could silence my thoughts of hot wings and steak.  By day 2 I woke rested, energized, and ready to seize my Friday. I started the morning with my lemon ginger shot and hot water.  I made sure to drink water before and after each juice. This resulted in no gas, food daydreams or mood swings. 

The Juices provided in my cleanse were : 

  • Lemon Ginger Shot (added to warm water first thing when you wake up)
  • Tropical Paradise  (green apple, pineapple, lemon, and mint)
  • Beet it (beet, carrot, apple, ginger, and lemon)
  • Queen Green ( kale, spinach, swiss chars, cucumber, celery, parsley, cilantro, lemon, ginger and jalapeno)
  • The Hulk (kale, celery, apple, lemon, and ginger)
  • Wonder Woman ( Watermelon, pineapple, coconut water, lime, and mint)
  • Popeye ( spinach, cucumber, apple, pear, and lemon)

Doing a juice cleanse the second time around has provided me more insight on my advice for those of you interested in trying one.

  1. Should you do it? yes! if you don't like it after finishing then at least your tried and know you don't.
  2. Should you ease into it or jump right in? If you’re a meat eater gradually cut down on the amount of meat you are consuming leading up to your cleanse. I would recommend a week. Also, increase your water and veggie consumption leading up to it.
  3. When to do it? I still recommend doing it during the work week M-F =).

Better cold pressed juices can be purchased at The Calgary Farmers Market located at 510 77th Avenue SE all year-round Thursday through Sunday 9am - 5pm. Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? Comment on your experience. Can you guess which juice you think was my least favorite? 

Love you leave you 🍒