The James Soho

Fashion Week Luxe At The James Soho

My new year's resolution for 2018 is to take bigger leaps of faith. And I am completely tooting my own horn when I say, I am doing pretty well for it only being day 60. *toot tootThanks to a little nudge from friends, I packed my bags and jetted off to New York Fashion Week. 


Let me start out by sharing that this was my first time in New York ever! I was so stressed out about show invitations, how much money to bring, and packing that I started experiencing high anxiety leading up to my departure date and even during the first half of day one. I was putting an unbelievable amount of unnecessary pressure on myself. It was so bad that I woke up with a random nose bleed the day I was leaving. But everything started turning around as soon as I checked into The James New York Soho and was handed my room keys. 

Speaking of keys, when walking up the main floor stairs towards the elevator I was greeted with a wall covered in keyboard keys! Every inch of this hotel is beautiful but this wall took feature wall to another level. At first glance, it looked like a textured 3D wall only to realize on second glance it's actually made out of something I am all too familiar with. As soon as I noticed that that I knew that I was in the right place.


Walking into my room the first thing I noticed was my gorgeous view of Manhattan. Just that quickly my plans for the day changed. Looking out my window I saw so many people moving around. It made me reflect on how much I haven't had any downtime back home and that I needed to take this time to myself to unplug and relax. The simple modern decor of my room reminded me how much furniture contributes to the energy of your space. While exploring ever inch of my room I felt a calming effect wash over me. So strongly that after some Chipotle and a steamy shower I fell asleep. 


The James New York Soho did a great job accommodating all my request like providing extra hangers, emptying my mini bar, and bringing up more water. Personal touches like hand written welcome notes from housekeeping stood out to me.  Not to mention the complimentary coffee + scones in the morning, fresh fruit throughout the day, and wine + cheese in the evening. The scones and fresh fruit were a life saver when it came to snacking in between shows. I have never stayed at a hotel that offers anything like this. #TakeNotes


Since returning back home my oatmeal intake has increased from 0 to 3 times a week. Very random, I know! It's all because of the David Burke kitchen. Out of all the delicious brunch items I inhaled that morning, my favorite was the oatmeal. I normally don't like oatmeal but there was something about the way they made theirs that has me trying to recreate it every other day. They mastered not too thick + not too sweet + not too milky = just right! 


One of the features of the The James New York Soho I wish I checked out earlier was Jimmy's rooftop bar. In my mind, I visualized it as a small area with tables and chairs. I clearly forgot that I was in New York. When Nancy and I got up there we were shocked at how lit it was. This whole time I thought that I thought I would have to leave the hotel to experience New York nightlife when the whole time it was on the rooftop of our hotel.  Just reminiscing about it has me thinking one more grilled pineapple mojito please!

New York Fashion week can be draining. Especially for your first time in New York because no matter how much you prepare you just don't know what to expect. Where you stay can make or break your whole experience. Kenny, Ron, David, and Jay were so awesome when it came to helping me navigate to shows, recommending places nearby to eat, or genuinely asking how my trip was coming along. I have stayed in a number of hotels and The James New York Soho is at the top of my list for decor, location, and most of all customer service. If you're ever visiting New York and staying in Manhattan, check out The James Soho. 

Love you leave you 🍒


Have you ever stayed at the at one of the James hotels? if not,  share your best Manhattan hotel experience below 👇🏾