On May 3rd A Queen Was Born. . .

I'm 27 now and I started my birthday on my knees giving thanks to God for blessing me with another year. I'm so grateful for where I am today and the beautiful spirits that are a part of my life. I reflect all the time but on my birthday I especially like to acknowledge my growth and identify what my next steps are. I have come so far in my faith but at the same, I notice that I'm still allowing fear to prevent me from reaching my full potential.

A few years ago I started experiencing what some would refer to as anxiety but what I prefer to call moments of uncertainty. It stemmed from me feeling that I was falling short of my personal goals.  I started out strong well on my way but somewhere along the way, I deviated from the path I mapped out for myself. No matter how much I tried to double back I couldn't get back on it. Knowing what I know now, my anxiety didn't stem from feeling like I was a failure for not sticking to "the plan" but more so from fear. Fear of not being successful because I wasn't following what I thought was going to guarantee me the future I wanted for myself.

With lots of soul searching I started to explore the idea that maybe that's not the way I'm supposed to reach the level of success that's intended for me. It wasn't until I started taking small leaps of faith that my anxiety started to subside. Most recently I took a big leap of faith and soon, I'll be taking an even bigger leap (I'll explain in a later post). I got to this point by conditioning myself to trust the process. What it means to trust the process is that you relieve your mind of all doubts or worries and replace it with the thought that things will happen in the sequence they are supposed to. You may take a leap and it may not pan out in the way you liked but it could be a part of something better coming along. 

I wrote this post to share with you guys to let go of whatever fear you have and to have faith that no matter where life takes you that you will be okay. Less thinking and more doing.

Love you leave you šŸ’