Cooler Weather + Cooler Coats

Some say living in a city that experiences all four season can be very expensive wardrobe but I would have to disagree. To me, Fall/Winter fashion is all about covering those transferable Spring/Summer pieces with a fabulous coat. When shopping for a coat, I am always looking for something that will pair well with a simple top x trousers x heels combination and at the same time can be paired with a fitted sweat suit x sneaker combination. 

When I first saw this coat hung up I wasn't sure. But then I thought what would Rihanna do (WWRD). And myself responded 'Rock the sh*t out of it'. The Easy Coat is nothing like my other coats in terms of color, length, and material. But when I tried it on, I was singing another tune (wild thoughts to be exact). The texture adds a little edge while the color gives a feminine touch. I received so many compliments when I wore this coat to The Wednesday Room media launch a few weeks ag. It's honestly the perfect comfortable coat to wear when you are feeling a bit girly but not quite pink. 

The Metallic Puffer Jacket was a no-brainer. Metalic puffers are on trend right now and to be honest I believe they are timeless. The art of coat selection is to stand out not blend in. The next time you walk into an establishment with either of these, make sure to decline coat check and mention 'it's a part of my outfit'

Both coats are from Bench Canada and are still available online and on sale! Initially, I thought I was going to purchase a logo hoodie and t-shirt. Imagine my surprise when I ended up leaving with two dope coats. Now I have to add them to my stalk list to see what they will come out with next. 

Which jacket would you add to your Fall/Winter coat collection?

Love you leave you 🍒