Aveeno Positvely Radiant

Aveeno Positvely Radiant Review


It’s still winter here in Calgary, which means my skin is still dry. I wanted to share with you guys some new products that I received and have been using the last couple of weeks. Aveeno Canada sent me their recently launched Positively Radiant body collection and to try out. The full set which includes an exfoliating body wash, body lotion, and target dark spot corrector body cream. Aveeno’s positively radiant was actually the first skincare line I used when I was in middle school. My impression of their products is that it's inexpensive and cleanses my skin without leaving it tight or dry. So I expected the same with the body line.

During colder drier months, my skincare focus is to achieve ultimate hydration. As a result, my shower routines have gotten a bit more extensive. But that’s okay because in the shower is where I come up with my best ideas. I start my showers by getting the water hot and steamy. Steam opens your sinuses, increases blood circulation, and can help release stress. After standing under the basking in how glorious the water feels on my skin, I grabbed the exfoliating body wash and got to work. Exfoliating body washes are always a plus because they cleanse + remove dead skin. I took my time massaging the Aveeno exfoliating body wash into every inch of my body. Especially my shin, ankles, and feet. Those are the driest areas of my body. Once I’ve given my body that TLCC, I washed it away and did it again haha. Wash twice, feel nice.


Once I got out the shower I dive into the rest of my face routine (tone + mask). While waiting for my mask to dry, I lotion the rest of my body. Before I applied lotion up I noticed that my skin didn’t feel dry. My skin usually feels thirsty when I delay moisturizing straight out the shower. I like that the Positively radiant body lotion is a non-greasy formula. I hate greasy lotions and the residue it leaves on my bed sheets. Not to mention it takes a while for them to dry down.

My thoughts the morning after were: my skin still feels smooths. Yay! The Aveeno Positively radiant collection also includes a target dark spot corrector body cream, that helps to remove the look of dark spots on your body and also contains SPF 15 UVA/UVB. You can buy the Aveeno Positively Radiant collection now at your local Shoppers Drug Mart.

Do you experience drier skin in the colder months? What do you use to keep your skin looking radiant?

Love you leave you 🍒

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