Mastering Anejo's Guacamole

A few weeks ago I ordered the Calgary Cooks recipe book to learn how to make Una Pizza's awesome kale caesar salad. Now I did find the recipe just by googling but I figured trying to cook most of these recipes would be great for my Summer To Do List 🤗 While flipping through the book I saw that there's also a recipe for Anejo'sguacamole. Now if you know me then you know I LOVE ME SOME ANEJO 💁🏾 It's the perfect happy hour patio sessions. Anejo's Guacamole is made fresh to order right at your table side.


The recipe itself is actually really easy there's no way you can mess this up. I will note that as of late I've been buying all my produce organic to make positive strides to an all-around healthier lifestyle. I got all my vegetables from Co-op and the tortillas chips from Community Natural Foods. To be honest I feel like everything being organic is what made a huge impact on the taste. It could just be me but I'm just saying.


Guacamole Recipe


- 1.5 Avocados (refrigerated)**

- 1 TBSP Tomatoes (chopped)

- 1 TBSP Onion (chopped)

- 1 TBSP Cilantro

- 1 TBSP Jalapeños

- 1 TSP Sea Salt

- 1/2 TSP Minced Garlic

- Juice of 2 Lime Wedges


* -1 TSP Habanero Peppers (I love me some spice so I add this, if you're not about that spice life then don't do it)


** I like to refrigerate my avocados a bit before mixing it all together; something about warm avocados doesn't sit well with me LOL


Mix and mash together with a fork and Voila! Comment below and let me know how your guac came out. Up next their chili coconut margarita recipe yasssss!


Love you leave you 🍒