Shopping Canadian w. Local Boom


Being a Canadian consumer can be such a struggle. If it's not the cost of shipping & handling, unexpected custom cost, and/or the exchange rate it is “Sorry, shipping is not available to your location”. Which is when I found myself supporting more and more local brands. The most challenging part has been trying to find them. I recently came across Local Boom, who at the time I thought was just an online e-commerce site for Canadian entrepreneurs but was pleasantly surprised to find out they are so much more.


Local Boom is a powerful shopping movement that acts as a platform for Canadian entrepreneur to sell/promote their products, services, and events. Their mission focuses on empowering and supporting Canadians to ultimately create a “Boom” within our very own community.  

Created in 2017 by, Founder and CEO, Steven Kieboom after realizing his true calling in empower others. I, myself resonate with his self discovery because that is ultimately my purpose with my platform. We are all different but what connects us is the similarities we do share. How much would a person flourish if they were supported by a network of individuals with whom they shared only positive similarities. To their full potential? I believe they would flourish beyond that because it would be continuous growth. And that's what Local Boom means to me.

Because of Local Boom, I found out about brands like EpicBlends Kasbah, You + Me candles, and Pep Soap co.  I have been burning the amber and smoke candle from You + Me candles for the last two weeks. As well as using the Kasbah argan oil to moisturize my hair on wash days. I feel good about Local Boom because they do the brand research for me and they also donate part of their profits directly back into Canadian communities. So far they have donated 100 bars of soap to local women's and youth shelter in Downtown Vancouver and have also made a monetary donation to the Calgary Food Bank.


Steven welcomes all entrepreneurs with positive intentions behind their brand to connect with him to discuss joining the Local Boom family. The criteria is pretty straight forward, you need to be Canadian based and part of positive change within our communities across the country. You can contact local boom through their instagram and by email (info@localboom.ca). Shop now using coupon code "CHERRY" to get free shipping and a free gift.

Shopping powerfully, love you leave you 🍒