Consistency All 2019!

Happy Monday and most of all happy new year! It’s been so long since I wrote a post on my blog and I promise you guys I am going to do better. Make sure to follow me on my instagram @tanisha.cherry for my day to day shenanigans. #2018 was such a big year for me. I settled into moving into a new condo (sans roommate),  attended New York Fashion Week (FW and SS), visited Jamaica for Dream Weekend, turned 28, participated in some amazing campaigns, went on my first brand trip (thanks Symbl) and just overall glowed the fuck up! Being that it’s a new year, it’s only natural to start thinking of new resolutions, goals, manifestations, etc. The difference with this year is that I will be focusing on one word.

A goal without a plan is just a wish — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

One word that is a quality and/or characteristics of the person that embodies everything I will manifest. The inspiration for this came from an episode of the Yes Girl! Essence Magazine podcast (post coming soon on my favorites) and also from the @MyOneWord twitter page. My word for #2019 is consistency. Consistency is something I lack and tbh I don’t have a valid reason beside pure laziness. And this is unfortunate because there’s nothing beneficially about being lazy. In the end I am stifling my own growth and ultimately blocking my blessings. Last week I had to give myself a serious #CheckMyselfMoment and boy did I hear myself loud and clear. Since then I’ve been waking up every weekday at 5:30 am to meditate and work out. In a short time, I have noticed that I am more productive throughout the day and feel more relaxed. I know that by focusing on the word consistency and how I feel when I’m being consistent, everything I want out of 2019 will fall into place.

Love you leave you 🍒

Are you going to focus on one word for the year? What is your word going to be? If not, tell what your resolutions and/or goals are for 2019.