Consistency All 2019!

Happy Monday and most of all happy new year! It’s been so long since I wrote a post on my blog and I promise you guys I am going to do better. Make sure to follow me on my instagram @tanisha.cherry for my day to day shenanigans. #2018 was such a big year for me. I settled into moving into a new condo (sans roommate),  attended New York Fashion Week (FW and SS), visited Jamaica for Dream Weekend, turned 28, participated in some amazing campaigns, went on my first brand trip (thanks Symbl) and just overall glowed the fuck up! Being that it’s a new year, it’s only natural to start thinking of new resolutions, goals, manifestations, etc. The difference with this year is that I will be focusing on one word.

A goal without a plan is just a wish — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

One word that is a quality and/or characteristics of the person that embodies everything I will manifest. The inspiration for this came from an episode of the Yes Girl! Essence Magazine podcast (post coming soon on my favorites) and also from the @MyOneWord twitter page. My word for #2019 is consistency. Consistency is something I lack and tbh I don’t have a valid reason beside pure laziness. And this is unfortunate because there’s nothing beneficially about being lazy. In the end I am stifling my own growth and ultimately blocking my blessings. Last week I had to give myself a serious #CheckMyselfMoment and boy did I hear myself loud and clear. Since then I’ve been waking up every weekday at 5:30 am to meditate and work out. In a short time, I have noticed that I am more productive throughout the day and feel more relaxed. I know that by focusing on the word consistency and how I feel when I’m being consistent, everything I want out of 2019 will fall into place.

Love you leave you 🍒

Are you going to focus on one word for the year? What is your word going to be? If not, tell what your resolutions and/or goals are for 2019.

Aveeno Positvely Radiant Review


It’s still winter here in Calgary, which means my skin is still dry. I wanted to share with you guys some new products that I received and have been using the last couple of weeks. Aveeno Canada sent me their recently launched Positively Radiant body collection and to try out. The full set which includes an exfoliating body wash, body lotion, and target dark spot corrector body cream. Aveeno’s positively radiant was actually the first skincare line I used when I was in middle school. My impression of their products is that it's inexpensive and cleanses my skin without leaving it tight or dry. So I expected the same with the body line.

During colder drier months, my skincare focus is to achieve ultimate hydration. As a result, my shower routines have gotten a bit more extensive. But that’s okay because in the shower is where I come up with my best ideas. I start my showers by getting the water hot and steamy. Steam opens your sinuses, increases blood circulation, and can help release stress. After standing under the basking in how glorious the water feels on my skin, I grabbed the exfoliating body wash and got to work. Exfoliating body washes are always a plus because they cleanse + remove dead skin. I took my time massaging the Aveeno exfoliating body wash into every inch of my body. Especially my shin, ankles, and feet. Those are the driest areas of my body. Once I’ve given my body that TLCC, I washed it away and did it again haha. Wash twice, feel nice.


Once I got out the shower I dive into the rest of my face routine (tone + mask). While waiting for my mask to dry, I lotion the rest of my body. Before I applied lotion up I noticed that my skin didn’t feel dry. My skin usually feels thirsty when I delay moisturizing straight out the shower. I like that the Positively radiant body lotion is a non-greasy formula. I hate greasy lotions and the residue it leaves on my bed sheets. Not to mention it takes a while for them to dry down.

My thoughts the morning after were: my skin still feels smooths. Yay! The Aveeno Positively radiant collection also includes a target dark spot corrector body cream, that helps to remove the look of dark spots on your body and also contains SPF 15 UVA/UVB. You can buy the Aveeno Positively Radiant collection now at your local Shoppers Drug Mart.

Do you experience drier skin in the colder months? What do you use to keep your skin looking radiant?

Love you leave you 🍒

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Shopping Canadian w. Local Boom


Being a Canadian consumer can be such a struggle. If it's not the cost of shipping & handling, unexpected custom cost, and/or the exchange rate it is “Sorry, shipping is not available to your location”. Which is when I found myself supporting more and more local brands. The most challenging part has been trying to find them. I recently came across Local Boom, who at the time I thought was just an online e-commerce site for Canadian entrepreneurs but was pleasantly surprised to find out they are so much more.


Local Boom is a powerful shopping movement that acts as a platform for Canadian entrepreneur to sell/promote their products, services, and events. Their mission focuses on empowering and supporting Canadians to ultimately create a “Boom” within our very own community.  

Created in 2017 by, Founder and CEO, Steven Kieboom after realizing his true calling in empower others. I, myself resonate with his self discovery because that is ultimately my purpose with my platform. We are all different but what connects us is the similarities we do share. How much would a person flourish if they were supported by a network of individuals with whom they shared only positive similarities. To their full potential? I believe they would flourish beyond that because it would be continuous growth. And that's what Local Boom means to me.

Because of Local Boom, I found out about brands like EpicBlends Kasbah, You + Me candles, and Pep Soap co.  I have been burning the amber and smoke candle from You + Me candles for the last two weeks. As well as using the Kasbah argan oil to moisturize my hair on wash days. I feel good about Local Boom because they do the brand research for me and they also donate part of their profits directly back into Canadian communities. So far they have donated 100 bars of soap to local women's and youth shelter in Downtown Vancouver and have also made a monetary donation to the Calgary Food Bank.


Steven welcomes all entrepreneurs with positive intentions behind their brand to connect with him to discuss joining the Local Boom family. The criteria is pretty straight forward, you need to be Canadian based and part of positive change within our communities across the country. You can contact local boom through their instagram and by email (info@localboom.ca). Shop now using coupon code "CHERRY" to get free shipping and a free gift.

Shopping powerfully, love you leave you 🍒

On May 3rd A Queen Was Born. . .

I'm 27 now and I started my birthday on my knees giving thanks to God for blessing me with another year. I'm so grateful for where I am today and the beautiful spirits that are a part of my life. I reflect all the time but on my birthday I especially like to acknowledge my growth and identify what my next steps are. I have come so far in my faith but at the same, I notice that I'm still allowing fear to prevent me from reaching my full potential.

A few years ago I started experiencing what some would refer to as anxiety but what I prefer to call moments of uncertainty. It stemmed from me feeling that I was falling short of my personal goals.  I started out strong well on my way but somewhere along the way, I deviated from the path I mapped out for myself. No matter how much I tried to double back I couldn't get back on it. Knowing what I know now, my anxiety didn't stem from feeling like I was a failure for not sticking to "the plan" but more so from fear. Fear of not being successful because I wasn't following what I thought was going to guarantee me the future I wanted for myself.

With lots of soul searching I started to explore the idea that maybe that's not the way I'm supposed to reach the level of success that's intended for me. It wasn't until I started taking small leaps of faith that my anxiety started to subside. Most recently I took a big leap of faith and soon, I'll be taking an even bigger leap (I'll explain in a later post). I got to this point by conditioning myself to trust the process. What it means to trust the process is that you relieve your mind of all doubts or worries and replace it with the thought that things will happen in the sequence they are supposed to. You may take a leap and it may not pan out in the way you liked but it could be a part of something better coming along. 

I wrote this post to share with you guys to let go of whatever fear you have and to have faith that no matter where life takes you that you will be okay. Less thinking and more doing.

Love you leave you 🍒



Blooming into Spring at Urban Barn

Blooming into Spring at Urban Barn

When retail therapy starts to include items for your home, you might as well drop the young from Young Adult. At this point, you're a full blown adult. Since moving out on my own, I've developed a love for home stores. I can literally spend hours in there.  My most recent purchase was two sets of Hotel Collection bed sheets. I still get excited every time I lay down in my bed.

With the season changing and an e-vite in my inbox, I couldn't resist spending my Tuesday night at an Urban Barn Workshop. I find decorating overwhelming and expensive so I'll always accept any FREE help I can get.

Keep reading for my takeaways from my workshop at the Roxboro location here in Calgary.

Night Out | Dîner en Blanc Calgary 2016

Night Out | Dîner en Blanc Calgary 2016

Once a year Calgary residents will witness a group of people fabulously dressed in all white walking in the same direction carry chairs, bags, and picnic tables. I'm sure they're all thinking the same thing. Where are they going? The funny part is, the people in all white are thinking the same thing. This year marked the 4th year of Dîner en Blanc Calgary.

Adulting 101 : Home Decorating

Adulting 101 : Home Decorating

Adulting is defined as acting like an adult or engaging in activities usually associated with adulthood

Since I moved out of my mom's I've been going through a serious transition into adulthood. I find myself enjoying weekly trips to my local grocery shop, staying home on Friday nights, and making lists to keep myself organized.