Blooming into Spring at Urban Barn

When retail therapy starts to include items for your home, you might as well drop the young from Young Adult. At this point, you're a full blown adult. Since moving out on my own, I've developed a love for home stores. I can literally spend hours in there.  My most recent purchase was two sets of Hotel Collection bed sheets. I still get excited every time I lay down in my bed.

With the season changing and an e-vite in my inbox, I couldn't resist spending my Tuesday night at an Urban Barn Workshop. I find decorating overwhelming and expensive so I'll always accept any FREE help I can get.

Keep reading for my takeaways from my workshop at the Roxboro location here in Calgary. .....


How To Bloom Your Space Into Spring

Mix Up Your Dinnerware. Don't feel like you have to buy a complete matching set of plates, bowls, saucers, and mugs. UB suggest combining similar tones, patterns, or a adding a burst of color.


Add Flowers. I never use to like flowers but when it comes to decorating I can't deny how much they brighten up a room. UB has an amazing variety of realist looking flowers that can help you create the most luxurious looking arrangements. The best part is that you can play around with ideas before purchasing. 


Incorporate New Colors Using Accents. Whether you're trying to tone down or turn up an existing palette, introducing a new color with an accent can help bridge the gap. UB offers a variety of accents like throws, rugs, pillows, trays, and bowls that have multiple colors. All you need to do is look for an accent that combines your old and new tones.


Overall it was a very informative workshop. I would definitely consider going to another one. The staff there has a great eye for decorating and are very helpful. If you didn't make it to the workshop but need help with your space, no worries. Take a picture of your space (in natural lighting) and bring it into any Urban Barn location. The UB staff are more than happy to suggest accents and create a custom flower arrangement for your space.

Take advantage of their Accent Prone sale (in store and online) where you can save 20% off on ALL ACCENTS until March 26th. How cute are these coasters tho?


What are some Spring colors you're adding to your space? Comment below.


Love you leave you 🍒