3 Day Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

We're all guilty at some point or another of wanting a "champagne body on a beer diet". I'm declaring right now that I will no longer be a part of that club. Although it was a great club filled with great people, I need to spread my wings and try something new.I always say you can't expect a different result if your approach is still the same. I decided to  start by committing to small goals that will eventually develop into long term healthy habits.  In combination with the other things I committed to in January, I decided to finally do a JUICE CLEANSE. 

I did the Cru Juice 3 day deep cleanse. The deep cleanse included 6 juices: 2 veggie greens, 2 fruit & veggie green combination, 1 nut juice, and 1 citrus juice). While  sharing my day to day experience on Instastory and Snapchat, I got a lot of questions that I think will help anyone debating doing a juice cleanse.

  1. Have I done a juice cleanse before? Sorta! I did the 14-day lemonade diet once ( which I would not recommend to anyone looking for long term results). As for doing a cold pressed juice cleanse, No I haven't. This was much easier.
  2. Did I ease into it? Nope, I did not. I mentally prepped myself by deciding to do my 3 day cleanse on a Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  I eat the best during the weekdays when I'm at work because my meals are all planned and I have a break every 2-3 hours. To ensure the best results I did ease out of it by introducing smoothies, soups, and raw vegetables slowly. Of course I was already a week into being vegan when I started this cleanse so that may have helped.
  3. Did you have the energy to work out? Yes! I went to hot yoga and the gym every day of my cleanse and didn't experience any sort of fatigue or headaches. 
  4. How much weight did you lose? I purposely didn't weigh myself because my goal was to reset my  body and give myself a jumpstart into my long term goals. I didn't want to be fixated on the number. I'd rather make changes and then one day weigh myself and have the satisfaction of saying that I had made a significant difference in my body..
  5. Would I recommend it? YES YES YES ! Do it now and reap the healthy benefits. 


                                                   Juicing before hot yoga

                                                   Juicing before hot yoga

Overall I really enjoyed this cleanse, and would recommend it to everyone. It was a nice break from solid food while still getting all the necessary nutrients for my body. My favorite juice ended up being the Nut Mylk.  It's so delicious and I looked forward to it every day of my cleanse. Cru Juice offers a variety of juice cleanse options for beginner to more experienced juicers. I will definately be doing a juice cleanse again but maybe for 5 - 7 days

Have you tried a cold pressed juice cleanse before? Let me know your thoughts below .


Love you leave you 🍒