Toxin - Free With Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

This morning I woke up feeling so blah! The only thing that could cure me of my FriNAY blues is a nice hot shower. I don’t know about you guys but my soap makes or breaks a great shower for me. Of all my years of buying shower gel I never found a favorite and I still haven’t.  But I have found a favorite all natural bar soap scent. Lemongrass. I’ve been using natural soap for that last year and I can honestly say I don't miss the other stuff.

Recently, a friend of mine put me on to Rocky Mountain Soap Co. He kept raving about it being toxin-freeand that I need to make the switch. I guess I wasn’t moving fast enough because he took matters into his own hands by gifting me the Evergreen natural soap. **Side note** isn’t it just like a man to buy you the scent he uses and not the scent he knows you would like (i.e. lemongrass)🙄.


RMSC EverGreen

I'll let him have this one because Evergreen didn't disappoint. I feel like the forest smell helps to prepare me for outside. Not only does it cleanse that bed sweat but the combination of coconut, canola, olive, cottonseed, and sunflower oil make it very moisturizing.  My skin doesn’t feel as dry as it normally does fresh out the shower.  We're all trying to find ways to minimize the junk we put in and on our body. Well, changing your soap is a great transition to make. Rocky Mountain Soap Co. makes it super easy because their products are toxin-free and 100% natural. They take the guess work out it for me. One less product to research.

I’ll be going into Rocky Mountain Soap co. very soon to pick up their Lemongrass soap. Sorry, Evergreen I like you but Lemongrass will forever be BAE! Lemongrass oil’s health benefit includes relieving muscles/joint pain, uplifts spirits, brings down fevers, etc. This is probably why Rocky Mountain Soap Co. mentions it as the best for morning showers.

Having experienced their amazing soap, I’m curious about their skincare products. Something to add to my wishlist 🤗. Try Rocky Mountain Soap Co. and let me know what your favorite one is below.




Love you leave you 🍒