Sometimes I Let Made Foods Do The Hard Part

What did you eat today? While you think about that I'll go ahead first. For breakfast, I had a nice bowl of large oats mixed with steel cut oats, toasted farro, hemp hearts, chia seeds, maple, pecan, cranberries, chocolate, and coconut milk. I just finished eating a kale chicken caesar wrap for my lunch. Later on, when I get home I'll unwind with my shows and a hot bowl of Turkey Chili.

Awesome right? I know you guys are probably saying "Wow look at you girl, you're really serious about this lifestyle change". Well, you're right! I am serious about my lifestyle change. But I'll be honest. Sometimes I slack off and get a bit lazy. Real confession: I didn't quite make any of these meals. I put them in my lunch bag and popped it in the microwave but the actual process of cooking it, I did not do. I had a very busy weekend planned so I knew I wouldn't have the time to grocery shop, cook, and meal prep like I normally do. Instead, I went to visit my long time friends at Made Foodand let them do the hard part for me. Don't worry they can do it for you too!

Made Foods


This past Saturday, I attended the grand opening of their 8th location right inside the Shawnessy YMCA.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered all my favorites were gone (i.e. the vegan chili)  😭😭😭 .The menu change happens four times a year as a result of the change in ingredients that are available each season from local farmers andtheir suppliers. After hearing that I wasn't that sad anymore. On second thought I was pretty happy knowing they're using only organic ingredients.

Due to all the new options,  I let the cashier take the wheel andselect 3 meals for me. Another small confession: I sampled a bit of everything before today because I couldn't wait. So I can tell you right now she did a great job in selecting for me. I'm a foodie that's super picky and she did great. Thanks Girl 🙋🏾


Made Foods Menu

This morning I was especially happy that I stopped into Made Foods. I woke up at 5:30 am, turned off my alarm, and went right back to sleep. The early morning struggle was so real haha. I'm trying to get into the habit of going to the gym before work but some days I'm not feeling it. Which is okay because a big part of having a healthy lifestyle for me is finding a balance and doing what feels right for me. Instead, I'm fueling my body throughout the day with healthy meals to give me the energy to Kick-Ass tonight!

Times like this, I'm happy that I can go into Made Foods and let them do the hard part. Now if only they could open alocation walking distance from my condo so I wouldn't have to drive *hint hint*. Have you tried Made Foods? If so comment below with what your favorite meal is and what else I should try.




Love you leave you 🍒