Serving Luxe at PARK Luxe

My brain is still trying to process all the fabulousness I witnessed at Park Luxe. Thank you to PARK for another amazing event where creators and influencers can come together and support one another. The whole evening was a night of inspiration for me. It's one thing to see people on Instagram doing their thingbut it's a totally different experience to see it up close and in person. Sorry to ramble but if you were there you'll understand the energy that PARK Luxe generated that night.


PL National Music Centre


This year PARK Luxe fashion show was at the beautiful National Music Centre. Might I add this was the perfect location. I can see why the Progressive Architecture (P/A) Awards recognized architect Brad Cloepfil and Allied Works Architecture. This location screams innovation and compliments the design of PARK Luxe, which is to "connect fashion and art lovers with sophisticated local designers and artists who are making an impact throughout Canada and North America".



PL Rosso

First off, I went to the event with my girl Ella Clarens and we started out in the Rosso Lounge to get some bubbly of course! The Rosso lounge was not only serving cocktails but also hosting some local vendor pop-up shops. We got to try Jacek Chocolates in the flavors chewy salted caramel and lemonade. These chocolates are almost too pretty to eat but once you take a bite that thought goes right out the window.  The funny part is I'm not a chocolate girl but these were so good.


                                                          Paper Cut Monsters

                                                          Paper Cut Monsters


Nearby, there was another pop-up shop in the Gallery filled with clothing from Paul Hardy, Okakie, Malika Couture and much more. It was over here that I noticed a table of little monsters staring at me. They were so cute! How happy would you be if one of these were poking out of your Christmas stocking? I would be ecstatic 🙋🏾 *hint hint*


Later on, House of Nonie kicked off the evening with a beautiful standing presentation. Not long after the rest of the show started. The bi- level runway show featured Bankers Hall Retailers, Lauren Bagliore, Calorie Urbanovitch, YEAR of the RAM, okakie, Maison Marie Saint Pierre, Atelier by Ensemble, and Paul Hardy. These designers did not come to play! Each collection was diverse, creative, and needs to be boxed up and sent to me.



                                                          Paul Hardy  accompanied by Paper Cut Monsters

                                                         Paul Hardy accompanied by Paper Cut Monsters


By the way, a certain someone or should I say monsters decided to surprise us at the end. Sharing the runway with Paul Hardy was Joel Kadziolka's Papercut Monsters (@papercutmonsters). Congrats to all the wonderful designers, you guys all did a great job!


I think I can speak for everyone in attendance and say I had a wonderful night. Can't wait to see what PARK has up their sleeves next. Below are some of the looks I wish were in my closet. Comment with which designer was your favorite.


                                                                Marie Saint Pierre

                                                               Marie Saint Pierre
















Love you leave you 🍒





Photo Credits : @NikitaRomane