New Sephora Purchase

I was having a crummy day and what better way to cheer myself up than go to my favourite store Sephora. Let me start by saying I'm the sample queen when it comes to all things beauty. Sephora is such a great store when it comes to giving out samples. They even got new bottles so you can sample liquids such as toners and essences. YAY !


On this Sephora trip I picked up the MURAD Time Release Acne Cleanser. It's formulated to deliver sustained release salicylic acid to clear up skin. I heard about it first in a Makeup By Shayla skincare video on YouTube. Like me she has oily acne prone skin and swore by this cleanser, so I figured it doesn't hurt to sample. After sampling it for a week I saw a noticeable difference in my current break outs.  This cleanser is gentle, affordable, and doesn't dry out my skin. Amen๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ


Of course Sephora has their checkout aisle developed to entice you to pick up more things while waiting. Which I totally fell for this shopping trip. I'm a sucker for face mask so I also picked up the Laneige Good Night Kit.  It features a 0.6 oz Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask and a 0.5 Water Sleeping Mask. I've never tried it before but you can't go wrong with 2 mask for 8$.  I'll keep you guys posted on my thoughts on both mask. Comment below if you've tried any of these products or suggest new skincare products for me to sample.

Love you leave you ๐Ÿ’