My Front Row Adventures At PARKSHOW

Last year my New Year's resolution was to immerse myself more into the Calgary social scene even if I had to do it alone. I've been fortunate enough to never end up having to do the alone part until I had to go to the ParkShow. I just didn't know anyone that was interested in going. To be honest for a split moment I said EFF it but got talked out of that real quick. Naturally I'm a shy person in new environments with new people. I usually just chill in the cut (aka hide in the back and scroll on my phone 😂😂) which is so LAME!

                                                                        Ella Clarens

                                                                       Ella Clarens


Once I sat in my front row seat, everything took a complete turn for the best. I met a fellow Taurus Ella Clarens (freelance fashion & beauty writer). Our spirits immediately took to each other and the rest of the night was magic✨ The moral of the story is if you're going to do anything do it FULL FORCE. That way there's no oh I should've introduced myself to that fashion blogger that I follow on IG, or I should've asked where so and so bought that dress. Like Nike says "Just Do It". It never hurts to try unless it involves something physical but even then it's mind over matter.




The ParkShow was amazing. We have a lot of great fashion forward Canadian designers. If you follow me on Instagram (@tanisha.cherry) you'll recall my mention of Cara Cheung and Anneke Forbes.  Cara's line to me is very reminiscent of Alexander Wang. Those nights when I want to look edgy but straight to the point. Bold brows, nude lip, sleek ponytail and simple accessories.  Anneke's line screamed all my favorite F words. Flirty, Fun, and Fabulous. It was very girly and the pieces are great for day to night transitions.



Take a look at some of Snapchat's I took below




Anneke Forbes




Cara Cheung




House of Nonie




Malika Couture




Rebecca King




Modern Tribal collection from Anne B. Accessories





ParkShow is definitely on my calendar for next year. If next year is split in two days again, you'll see me at both.  I can only imagine what the designers and Park team will have planned for us.


Love you leave you 🍒