Adulting 101: Read The Label

It's a beautiful Monday. High of 21 with no clouds in the sky. My day at work was great. Afterwards, I headed to Co op market to pick up groceries for the week and only I ended up spending only 52$. Whoot whoot awesome day right. I'm getting the hang of adulting . Wrong! I came home to discover my roommate chipped one of the new sets of plates in our condo.  Sigh and this set isn't available anymore and I really loved it. I was super annoyed but I told myself it's okay I never have more than one guest over at a time anyways. I just have to make a mental note to keep the other new set away from her clumsy self 😩😩😩


Moving along, I started prepping for tonight's dinners for tomorrow's lunch. On the menu is Italian chicken and wild rice (all thanks to the Fast Metabolism Diet book). My chicken breast was still a little frozen in the center but that's okay. Now I know next to defrost it in the fridge from the night before. So the first step in the recipe is to add 2 cups of chicken broth. No biggie I got that in fact, I have ORGANIC chicken broth. As as I poured out a cup something green and fuzzy came out.....


The adulting lesson of the day is to always read the labels on how to store grocery items. Apparently, the expiration date is in the event that you don't open it ... And once you do,  you have to refrigerate and use within 7-14 days depending on what it says on the label 😅

Lucky for me there's a local food market around the corner from my place. Nice excuse to take a walk and enjoy this fantastic weather we're having. Oh and I got a sample of Made by Marcus ice cream !


Love you leave you 🍒