30 Day Yoga Challenge | 10 Day Update

If you follow me on twitter (@tanishacherry) you'll know I recently started a 30-day yoga challenge. What brought this on you might ask? Well, last Monday I went to hot yoga and at the beginning of class my instructor announced: "it's day 1 for those doing the 30-day yoga challenge". Instantly I thought to myself this is a sign! I made an internal intention right there on the mat that I'm going to attend yoga every day for the next 30 days.

Today is day 10 and I feel great. The thing I love most about yoga is, not only are you training your body but a big part of it is training your mind. Mind over matter. Overall I feel more energized and in the moment. My goal for week 1 was to just get through the week. Now that I've proven I'm 100% committed goals for this week is keep my abdomens engaged throughout the practice and to push myself in every pose. Making these goals each week gives me something to focus on throughout the week to keep me focused.

I won't lie my #1 goal is to get my body together by toning up. This year has been a lazy one for me in regards to fitness and I'm finally in the mind frame to make a definite change. I'm going to build consistency in every aspect of my life.  A big part of my transition into adulthood is staying 100% control of life. It's so easy to settle with the way things are. But why settle if you can make it better it right?

Let me know what type of fitness helps light a fire under your butt.


Love you leave you 🍒