Ten Foot Henry

Yesterday I was taken for a birthday dinner at Ten Foot Henry. Prior to arriving there, I had never heard of it. Due to my birthday dinner being a surprise, I didn't have the chance to google. AND I'm happy that my friend did that because this place is so cute!

I felt like I was eating dinner outside in a romantically lit garden although my friend disagreed with me BUT what do men know anyway. HAHA Just kidding, not really.

Now on to the good part. FOOD. To be honest I was very intimidated by the menu. There wasn't one safe dish on there that I would allow me to stay within my food comfort zone. With the help of our imaginations and our great waiter we made a bunch of random selections and didn't do too bad. My favorite dishes were the Yakitori chicken with scallions and sesame-lime salt, Yam Agnolotti, Baked yam and the Butterscotch pudding dessert. OMG, how could I forget the Collard Greens? They weren't cooked southern style but they tasted just as great!

I really like this place and appreciate that the menu isn't like anything else in Calgary. I would really love to see what they would do with Lobster meat. Nom Nom.


Love you leave you 🍒