It's my 26th birthday guys!

Yesterday was my birthday and I can't believe I'm 26! 🙈 What an awful number. Is this the age where I start lying about my age and saying I'm 25 forever? Gone are my years where I can blame my irresponsible actions and carelessness on being young. Sigh poor me. 

Although it's hard to tell from the first few lines of this post,  I am actually EXCITED to see what 26 has in store for me. 2016 itself has been nothing but an abundance of great opportunities one after the other. I'm so grateful for how busy I've been. Unfortunately, it's put quite a delay on launching my blog but it's okay because after all Timing Is Everything. What better time to hit the ground running than my birthday month . I'll be celebrating all month long and posting it too.

Stay tuned ! This month is going to be very eventful. I got the chance to be a part of the awesome team organizing Alberta Beef Presents : Alberta Burger Fest . Thanks, Terry (@calgarydreamer)!  I was apprehensive at first but I think I've fit in quite nicely.  If you love burgers then make sure to follow my burger related tweets on @ABBurgerFest and also watch out for a chance to win some bomb ass restaurant gift cards in honor of Burger Fest (May 6 - 13th) on my twitter @tanishacherry.

Love you leave you 🍒