Kasha Lashes Pop-up Show

If you were going on an all girls trip to Cannes, what would be your top 3 beauty accessories that you must bring with you? Mine would be a brow pencil, sunblock, and most of all LASHES. I love me a good pair of long flirty lashes, which is I was more than happy to attend KASHA Lashes ' pop-up shop.


I came across Kasha Lashes on Instagram while scrolling through #yyc. My first that was OOo uu uu. Now you're probably thinking okay what makes these lashes so special. Well let me run it down for you:

  • 100% cruelty-free silk lashed
  • They're handcrafted (No bad lash batch)
  • Super lightweight! You forget you're wearing them
  • the lash band is cotton, which contributes to their comfortability

So if you're a lash gal like myself, put down those beauty supply store lashes and invest in a pair of Kasha Lashes. They can last up to 20 wears with proper care (totally getting your money worth). Don't worry about having to look up lash care online, she has you covered. Inside each white and gold lash box, is a card with instructions on application and lash care.


I promise you you'll love them and if you don't then you can just pass them over here because I love them.

I purchased Better Than Bare , and you can order yours here http://www.kashalashes.com/ 


Love you leave you 🍒